Squire Plumbing Nanaimo Plumber

We can help in any situation

Plumbing problems do not have to be a headache. The right plumbing company can take even the most catastrophic water heater blow up, sewer back up, or garbage disposal break down and reduce it to a minor inconvenience. Squire Plumbing is that plumber, providing you with top quality services at reasonable prices.
Squire Plumbing Ltd. is a fully licensed, insured, experienced, and trusted plumbing contractor serving the greater Nanaimo area and Central Vancouver Island. Brad Squire, the companies owner, went to BCIT before entering into Local 170 union and started his training as a commercial plumber throughout British Columbia. Brad is a registered tradesman plumber with the Regional District of Nanaimo and has been in business since 2005.  We’re confident that you won’t find a better plumber anywhere, fast, courteous and friendly as a neighbor. We work hard to reduce even the worst plumbing disaster to a minor hiccup, and we hope our dedication shows.

Value passed to you

We do the best job to meet all your expectations and educate you in the use, maintenance and operation of your new fixtures. Your satisfaction, our work and the products we sell are all guaranteed! For us true value comes from customer satisfaction and knowing we have done the best job to meet your expectations.  Squire Plumbing is committed to passing good value on to you.
The experience we have and the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years make us the best choice by far when you absolutely have to get a problem solved quickly. The time between a customer call for help and a completed job is often measured in minutes; We are always ready to roll at a moment’s notice.
Why do you need a plumber today? If you’re looking at this page for the first time, you’re probably in the midst of a crisis of some kind. Most of the folks who seek us out for the first time do so because they don’t have a regular plumber and they now have a clogged drain or broken pipe they can’t fix. Others contact us for bathroom or kitchen renovations, but emergency calls are far more common. We’re ready for them, so pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re happy to help. You can call us to ask questions or you can call us to do work. Squire Plumbing is a neighborhood plumbing company and we take the “service” portion of the word “service provider” very seriously. Call us today and let us know what we can do to help you.

Squire Plumbing Nanaimo Plumber